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Thanks so much to those who entered Cookie Connection's inaugural cookie decorating contest. And congrats too - all of the entries are amazing and show incredible creativity and skill! 


If you haven't yet seen these glorious cookies, please check them out here


The contest clip set is now officially closed to any further entries, so if you missed this contest, you'll have to catch the next one slated for sometime in early fall. (We'll be doing contests quarterly to start and then adjusting frequency depending on interest.)


For those who entered or are following this contest, here's what to expect from here:

  • Nancy Lee Quist, contest sponsor and Fancy Flours' owner, and I will judge the entries and announce finalists (of an unknown number) on July 12 around 5 pm CDT. Announcements will be made here on the blog and also in the forum devoted to this contest.
  • Finalists will be determined based on the following criteria, all equally weighted: (1) interpretation of theme; (2) number of indicated techniques used (i.e., by “indicated,” I mean: marbling, rubber-stamping, and/or stenciling); and (3) mastery of techniques used. Extra points will also be given to sets that accomplish all of the above. But simply making more cookies will not necessarily win you any brownie points.
  • The grand prize winner will be determined by a popular vote held between July 12 and July 19 (closing again at 5 pm CDT). That vote will also take place in the forum noted above. 
  • Only Cookie Connection members will be able to vote (so sign up now!), and each member will be given the chance to vote just once (so please cast that vote wisely)! Again, voting will NOT start until the finalists have been determined and announced on July 12, so you'll have to sit on pins and needles 'til then! 

Congrats again to those who stepped up so beautifully for this challenge (inspiration, pictured below)!




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  • Cookie Contest #1: Vintage Vacation
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