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Cookie Connection's Vintage Vacation contest is right around the corner. I don't know about you, but I struggled with ideas. Once it clicked, I came up with several I'd love to share.

Part of the contest involves using stamping, stencils and wet on wet. How do you fit that into a vintage vacation? Fabric! I made a list of several things to try based on the inspiration board and here are some:

1. Vintage bathing suits. I think a lingerie cutter would work well for this. You could add stamped floral prints, wet on wet designs or stencil patterns. The fun part about using retro suits is the fabrics were all so unique that you can't go wrong.

2. Cat eye sunglasses. How fun would those be? Again, you can use those techniques on the frames.

3. Tiki themes. This style was huge and the options are limitless. Also, remember the pretty glass tumblers our parents and grandparents used? I think a stencil would be perfect for those.

4. Retro dresses. How many prints can you think up for those? I remember seeing my grandmothers photos in her pretty dresses with a handbag and straw hat. Or her rolled up clam diggers. Those were a staple for any family trip. Along with a picnic basket, fishing poles and towels. All items that would be so cute cookied!

If you have any ideas that you are willing to share, I'd love to hear them. Funny thing is, we are on vacation now and I am not sure I will make it back in time to enter. If I do, you know what I will be making. ;o)

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