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What do you charge for your piped/flooded RI biscuits - Compared to your hand painted biscuits?

While I can work out time+ingredients+other costs - I was thinking for ease - It might be nice to have a 'set price' similar to Sugarbelles pricing chart for RI cookies. As i feel most of my hand painted ones fall into the 'intricate' category (don't they?) - would I just need a 'fixed price' per size? OR would I just leave the sizing chart for painted/iced the same?

I have many 'clips' of my work if you wish to peruse & give a direct opinion.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/considerations

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Honestly, I think it's risky not to develop your own pricing from the bottom up, the way Aymee describes here, as no standard pricing chart can apply to all for all the reasons Aymee explains - but particularly because people have various methods/work processes, design complexities, and speeds at which they work. When I had my business, I priced most of my cookies far off all the charts that I've seen on the internet, because I couldn't make money given the complexity of my designs (and with how slow I worked) at the lower numbers. Sure, it's more work to develop a cost model, but only initially. Once it's set up, it's easy to apply to all you do and then you can work up your own at-a-glance price chart similar to Sugarbelle's that brackets the known range of what you do. If you already know that your hand-painted cookies take you more time than your iced ones for all sizes (not sure if you do), then that's a good indicator that you need to adjust all pricing upward.

Thanks Julie -
Sorry, I may have explained myself badly.

I intend to make my own model from my own costs (I already have a homemade spreadsheet which does this and which I have used for the past 2 years-  to accurately monitor what costs were associated with each lot of biscuits i've made to date. While I wasn't in business & only made for family and friends - I wanted to know what 'prices' would eventually be needed if it were to be a viable business option)

I am now looking at 'going into business' but i would like to have a 'quick guide' for customers based on the one Sugar belle uses - as I think this is a great (and relatively simple way) for a customer to quickly gauge what they 'may' be up for, in terms of cost - I think having something clearly available is important.

While hand painting a cookie itself may take more time than icing one - it doesn't have the time associated with mixing and perfecting icing colours either - So depending on the number of cookies needing to be done (as i really have only done relatively small batches to date) it would seem negligable because of this.

I fear having two separate models may then become confusing/overload to a customer - which psychologically - is not a great marketing tool, So possibly delegating 'hand painted' to one of the already charted categories may be a more fluent way of getting an approximate pricing point across to the customer.

I was also curious to see how others price their hand painted biscuits compared to their RI biscuits, especially as they may have had the good fortune of doing large hand painted orders

If you have a working costing model already, I'd use it to build summary sheets like Sugarbelle's  - but base it off YOUR different numbers for iced vs, handpainted cookies. Then compare the two sheets. If they're not altogether different, then they could be merged for customer use and purposes of talking points. If they are, then you need to decide how you want communicate the cost differences to customers. But starting from an accurate - and uniquely yours - cost basis is really the best way to go - as I see it. Sorry - off my soap box now. Let's hear what others have to say.

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