I set my shop up on etsy in the Fall of 2010.  At the time, I had never heard of etsy and didn't expect anything to come from listing a few sets of my cookies.  I was astonished at the amount of business that was generated.  Today, four years later, 98% of my cookie business comes from etsy.  It still amazes me. :-)


Im also wondering if you have a Facebook cookie page, or web cookie page, is your pricing consistent with your etsy page? It seems no one charges less than $36/doz on average on Etsy. I have found that for my location I cannot charge that much, but clearly, opening it up to the continental United States, I could charge more. Not sure how to handle that. 

I actually just found out about Etsy! I have just started my business January 2014. I was on Etsy to check it out and notice some cookies are going for an average $30 per doz! My cookies are going for less on my website, should I post my cookies on Etsy for the same price I am selling them on my site for?

I am.  I've been there since 2010 I think, but I've been selling online since 2001 in the other places.  I am currently on vacation, since my sales are slow during this time, but will return after the holidays. I'm definitely not your competition, but my products might just be your friends.  


Cookie Lovin Mom posted:

What really surprises me how many sell on Etsy and are not legal (in other words, your state does not allow online selling).  I would love to do this but cannot without a commercial kitchen.  I love to look at all the beautiful cookies on etsy.

Ditto!! I would love to sell on Etsy, but the Cottage Food law in Florida does not allow online sales sadly.    I was very surprised to see how many people were selling their cookies on Etsy - stores that I am pretty sure do not have a commercial kitchen.

I actually lost out on an order to a woman selling cookies on Etsy - she offered to do the order at a much cheaper price for advertising purposes. And I know for a fact she does not have a commercial kitchen and operates under the Cottage Food Law in her state. What's even more surprising is she has well over 500 sales on there! So frustrating for those of us trying to play by the rules!!  Ok rant over

Kookielady posted:

might be the wrong thing, but not sure if i could sell on etsy. I would love to sell them there since i have no clients of yet besides family. How would i go about setting one up?

You probably should start a new forum thread, as your question is about something related to but pretty different than the initial post. It's also unlikely people will see your new question at the very bottom of this long post.

In the meantime, here's one of many online posts about how to open an Etsy shop (https://www.fundera.com/blog/opening-an-etsy-shop). I can't vouch for its accuracy, but at least it's a starting point. 

Best of luck!

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