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Big Craftsy Sale - Now Up to 60% Off Tools and Supplies 'Til March 25


*** UPDATE AS OF MARCH 21 - NOW UP TO 60% OFF! ***

Hey, gang! This sale is such a biggie that I decided to post it here to the blog where more people are likely to see it. Craftsy is offering up to 40% off 60% off select cake and cookie decorating tools and supplies until March 25, 2018! Woo hoo!

Just click on the special Cookie Connection affiliate link (aka cake photo) below, and you'll be taken directly to the Craftsy sale page where you can shop 'til your heart's content. (No coupon code is needed; discounts will automatically be applied to your purchases.) If you use this link, not only will you get the benefit of huge savings, but Cookie Connection will receive a small referral fee for each sale. These fees are crucial to keeping the site afloat; every bit collected via affiliate sales, such as this one, goes toward paying the site's large and growing monthly hosting fees. So, long story short, this sale is win-win for all! 

Enjoy! And here's that link (again, just click on the the photo; if you can't see the photo for some reason, then click on this link.)

Up to 60% Off Cake Decorating Supplies at 3/22-3/25/18 11:59pm MST.


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  • Craftsy Sale Banner: Photos and Logo Courtesy of Craftsy

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