National Cookie Month Film Festival - Week 3

Yep, we're still celebrating National Cookie Month, and today we're doing it with more of my fellow YouTubers' favorite cookie videos!


In last week's installment of our film fest, we savored the simple life - homemade chocolate chip cookies, bars, and colorful meringues. (Boy, were those some yummy videos!) But as much as I love a quick mix-and-bake (or no-bake) recipe, not a week passes that I don't get a craving to decorate. So here we go, full-steam ahead, with some of the more lavishly decorated cookies in our special National Cookie Month playlist. Enjoy!


How to Make Paint-A-Cookie by Montreal Confections [EDITOR'S NOTE: A brilliant idea that's now widely known across the worldwide web!]


How to Decorate Butterfly Cookies by Haniela's [EDITOR'S NOTE: She says they're for beginners, and that may very well be, but the marbling technique makes them look pretty darn fancy to me.]

And, from yours truly . . .


How to Assemble 3-D Cookie Perfume Bottles by Julia M Usher [EDITOR'S NOTE: Probably one of my more complicated projects ever. Definitely not for the faint of heart.]

Stay tuned for next week's final installment of our National Cookie Month Film Fest, where I'll be sharing some decorating videos that have been HUGE YouTube crowd-pleasers! 'Til then, live sweetly!

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