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Saturday Spotlight: Best of Christmas Cookies

By now, I'm sure everyone's ovens are cranked into high gear, what with Christmas just around the corner. But before you get all of your cookies safely stowed on cooling racks, I urge you to stop and smell what's been baking here on Cookie Connection this past week. 


Best of Christmas


With everything from simply elegant molded fondant cookies (above) to highly complex gingerbread towers, this week's hot list* is bound to give you good reason to extend your baking season! Please give this week's honorees - and especially the many newcomers to our Spotlight - a big round of applause!


#1: How to Make a Reindeer by The Cookie Studio [EDITOR'S NOTE: Whoa! This cookie has seen a huge resurgence in interest since its initial posting in 2013! Just goes to show that there's power in a super cute pictorial tutorial!]

How to Make a Reindeer - The Cookie Studio - 1


#2: Christmas Tree Decorations by Maybe a Cookie

Christmas Tree Decorations - Maybe a Cookie - 2


#3: Iris Bauble-Moulded Biscuit by Sarah Joyce [EDITOR'S NOTE: As cool as this cookie is the fact that Sarah designed the mold used to shape the fondant on top!]

Iris Bauble-Moulded Biscuit by Sarah Joyce - 3


#4: Christmas Hug by Poemeshop

Christmas Hug - Poemeshop - 4


#5: Sugar Plum Houses by Anjum at Eat Cookie, Sleep Cookie [EDITOR'S NOTE: What a wonderful Practice Bakes Perfect challenge entry! Haven't heard about our latest 3-D challenge? Click here for more info! It's open until December 21.]Sugar Pum Houses - Anjum at Eat Cookie Sleep Cookie - 5


#6: Gingerbread House with Chimney by RymskayaTatyana 

Gingerbread House with Chimney - RymskayaTatyana - 6


#7: Season's Greetings by Michelle west Sion

Seasons Greeting - Michelle west Sion - 7


#8: White Christmas Cookies by Evelindecora

White Christmas Cookies - Evelindecora - 8


#9: Gingerbread Tower by RymskayaTatyana [EDITOR'S NOTE: Congrats on your second win of the week, Tanya!]

Gingerbread Tower - RymskayaTatyana - 9


#10: Christmas Cookies for Cookiers by Susan Hennes

Christmas Cookies for Cookiers - Susan Henna - 10


* As a reminder, a word about how the rankings are determined: The rankings are not at all subjective. In fact, they are determined essentially by you, our members, and the activity (number of views, likes, and comments) you've bestowed on each photo. The site uses a top-secret algorithm that weighs these various factors to determine which photos are trending most quickly (i.e., are the "hottest") over specified periods of time. As such, the hot list at the time of this announcement may look a little different a few hours or a day from now as more photos are added to the site.


So that no one has an unfair advantage in making it onto a hot list, the algorithm is secret even to site administrators. Only our platform developers know the code, which has been exhaustively tested by those developers and Cookie Connection staff.


All photos shown here are the courtesy (and copyright) of the designers listed.


To check out our other hot lists, at any time of day, visit our Hot Spot, also found in the site's main navigation line.



Images (11)
  • Best of Christmas Cookies Banner: A Teaser!
  • 1 - How to Make a Reindeer: By The Cookie Studio
  • 2 - Christmas Tree Decorations: By Maybe a Cookie
  • 3 - Iris Bauble-Moulded Biscuit: By Sarah Joyce
  • 4 - Christmas Hug: By Poemeshop
  • 5 - Sugar Plum Houses: By Anjum at Eat Cookie, Sleep Cookie
  • 6 - Gingerbread House with Chimney: By RymskayaTatyana
  • 7 - Season's Greetings: By Michelle west Sion
  • 8 - White Christmas Cookies - Evelindecora - 8: By Evelindecora
  • 9 - Gingerbread  Tower: By RymskayaTatyana
  • 10 - Christmas Cookies for Cookiers: By Susan Hennes

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Wow - they are all fantastic this week! Congratulations everyone.
I am also floored by the Iris Bauble-Moulded Biscuit tho - fabulous Susan! First time I have seen this (slightly busy )

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