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This is my second entry to this challenge and what I have challenged are

  1. Wet-on-wet circles.
  2. To pipe circles differently from what I did for my first entry
  3. Transfer circle

My circle cookies are sometimes not right circle.  I cut out circle from paper and put it on my cookie then trace the circle with a scribe tool. Then I piped.


 I made wet-on-wet circles.  All of the blue circles on my cookies are wet-on-wet.   I used a projector (pico) for the guide.


 After the base is completely dried, I piped circles with white icing.


Somehow my piping always change direction suddenly without any intention and my circles look like football.   So this time, I made half circle then another circle.

bubbleref2ruler I used ruler for the guide. 

  Bottom part first (red arrow) then above part


 white arrowed big circle is transferred circle.

 Followings are the rest of my cookies for this entry. 


Welcome to my under the sea world!  


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Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:
carouselselsel posted:

How wonderful, Ryoko! I love your under sea world...and all your circles and your approach of making them, half by half. Another amazing set of yours!

Hi Zara, I am pretty happy to know you like this set.    It was a lot of fun to imagine  under the sea world, I just needed a lot of bubbles (oxygen.) 

Oh Ryoko you're and your cookies are a great fun!

What an absolutely delightful set of cookies! What a perfect theme this is for a set a circular cookies! I absolutely loved your descriptions and photos of how you created all of the many circles used in your entry, Ryoko. I thought it was genius to use your pico for the wet-on-wet bubble circles! And, as far as I can see, I see no "footballs!"

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