1st trial with isomalt and Sugarveil

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After I saw @Evelindecora ‘s “Under the Sea Cookie”, I wanted to make cookie with Isomalt.  But I am not good at piping.  Then I thought, probably I can use @SugarVeil lace.  

※ Under the Sea Cookie is here:  http://cookieconnection.juliau...under-the-sea-cookie

This dragonfly is my experiment and I am very glad it came out as I expected.  Body part of dragonfly is hand-cut-out cookie.  

Dulce Camamile posted:

I'm in awe of this beautiful cookie and in wander of the technique used to decorate the wings. Could you share your technique, maybe?

Julia M. Usher posted:

Lovely! How did you direct the hot isomalt into the exact wing shapes that you wanted? Piping? Another tool? Thanks!

I am very thrilled to be asked how I did.   Unfortunately this was an experiment and I did not even think it worked, I do not have any photos of procedure.  However I am going to explain as much as I can.

1.  I prepared Sugarveil lace with my favorite Sugarveil mat. 

2.  I cut out blue and red wings from my drawing on the paper.   Cut-out paper is going to be an indication how to cut out Sugarveil lace.  


3.  Using cut-out paper (2) I cut out dried Sugarveil lace with scissors and knife.  I just used scissors and knife because I did not know which one was easier for me.  

4.  I place cut-out lace on heat-proof silicon mat then I outlined the wings with royal icing to make border for melted-isomalt.   To make the border high enough I made one more layer on the previously-made border.   This is like a dam, the bottom is Sugarveil lace and border is royal icing.  

5.  I pore melted isomalt into the dam I made.  

now I think  a.  make the border first with icing

                      b.  pore melted isomalt

                      c.  attach Sugarveil lace from backside of the candy then trim the lace

might be easier.  


I also made these.


I baked the ring cookie, pored isomalt then placed cut-out lace on facing-side after the candy was hardened.   But it was a bit hard to place the lace where I wanted to.   I should have attached the lace backside of candy then trim, that might be easier.  

I hope it is clear but please let me know if the explanation is ambiguous.  I will do my best to explain how I did.  




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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Ryoko, this is amazing!! I love the detail in the wings and everything is just so perfect . Beautiful work .

A huge success is right!! What an awesome idea to use isomalt and sugarveil. I'm thinking that you colored the sugarveil black so that it would really stand out on the wings...Love it and such a creative, great idea!!

Thank you, Carol.  SugarVeil has chocolate colored powder which is called SugarVeil Extra Dark Chocolate Confectionery and I used that.  

Evelindecora posted:

This is really an amazing idea @Ryoko ~Cookie Ave.!!! So happy to have inspired you in such a beautiful cookie with a new great technique to try ❤️❤️❤️

Hi Evelin.  Thank you for your comment.  I wish I could make beautiful cookies like you but it is true that I cannot.   So I came up with an easier way for me.