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Easter Bunny Cookies
Bunny collaboration with Tina At Sugar Wishes

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This funny collaboration with @Tina at Sugar Wishes  was born last week. We were speaking about bunny cookies to do for Easter so I started drawing a sketch while she was telling me the details of the bunny and carrot basket. We started from the same sketch and created similar but personal cookie sets. I enclose here the sketch and her cookie set; I loved this idea, such a lovely bunny collaboration! ❀

Tina's Easter bunny cookies: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ster-bunny-cookies-4


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  • Easter bunny cookies by Tina Sugar Wishes
  • Easter bunny cookies sketch
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Tina At Sugar Wishes posted:

Well I'm no Evelindecora but it was loads of fun putting this together.

Your work is flawless and you always push me to be better! 

We have CC to thank for bringing us together -Evelin is one of my dearest sweetest friends! οΏ½οΏ½

Happy Easter! 

The same for me! A big thank you to Cookie Connection that has given me the opportunity to become your friend Tina! It has been great to have done these cookies 'together' even if we live far away each others!!!

Happy Easter ❀

Manu posted:

I love collaborations, and I loved to see this one! Both sets are amazing and it is nice to see the two interpretations. Great job, I hope to see many more!

Cookie friends are the best!❀

I agree with you 100%: cookie friends are the best! The only persons with whom we can share our passion and much more indeed! So happy to hear you like our cookies ❀