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Kim Damon posted:

Petra, I'm stunned! This brings tears to my eyes, for the precious content your little cookie displays. wow, wow, wow! 

Dear Kim as mother of 4 kids I wanted make this piece long time,but I didn't find out what I want to do and how,so I think now was the right time❀️❀️Thank you very very much that you like my creation

Bakerloo Station posted:

This may very well be the most original entry I have ever seen in any Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge. Just wow. The one photo where you hold your little vessel up to the light is amazing. If only you could find some medium that didn't cause as many air bubbles. But man, this is incredible. 

Dear Christine, I love this one most of all my entries in this #37challenge - water

Thank you for to give  us chance and opportunity to make experiments, to discover techniques in using our ideas and realized them❀️❀️❀️

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