Some of you asked me to show you how I do the knit stitches, so here it is :). (A video tutorial)

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Liesbet posted:

A very effective technique, but definitely time consuming! But all good things take time

Thank you very much for showing us, this is going onto my to-try list!

Thanks for watching, Liesbet, and your kind comment . The original footage was just about 60 minutes. But it's my first video, and moving the cookie when zoomed in with the cam could easily move it out of the frame, so had to adjust a lot. Also, I had the icing too stiff for the first half, which takes longer to pipe. I think under ideal conditions it would take about 30 minutes to pipe the stitches for a cookie this size. Thanks again <3!

Laegwen posted:

Oh Gott, da bekomm ich ja einen Friemelanfall nur vom zugucken *lol*

Way cool, Sonja, and very impressive! Thanks for making the video, I might actually give it a try - on a much smaller scale, of course!

Thanks much, Leoni! With the right RI consistency and some practice one can actually pipe pretty fast. Do give it a try . I bet with your creativity, you could come up with some neat cookies !

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Sonja, thank you so very much for putting this tutorial together!!! The stitching looks so realistic and I can see how tedious the process is to make all of these stitches with the icing. Your work is so beautiful and I love the detail with each of your projects .


Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Carol, and for watching! I had actually fun doing it the video (my first one ever), once I got started, despite all the reservations I had . Piping stitches can be tedious, but only if the consistency is too stiff. If it's just right, they can be done in a continuous swift motion, and it can actually be relaxing... at least for me . Thanks again so much <3!

Carol-Anne posted:

This is amazing to watch Sophie! How I wish I could get my icing consistencies like this!  Thank you so much for posting this video, you certainly have a lot of talent!

Try 180g of confectioner's sugar to 30g of egg white with 1/8 tsp of cream of tartar., beaten 2-3 minutes on high. That's what I'm using here, but depending on your location and weather, it might differ slightly. Just keep playing around with it until you have it right. With time, you'll get the feeling for it . Thanks very much for your kind comment, Carol-Ann <3!

Cookie Love by Miachel posted:

I am so excited about this video!!! Thank you!! I have watched it and watched it and I'm still in awe! So amazing!! I just can't believe you can make icing look just like a knitted sweater! Talented, artistic people never cease to amaze me. Thank you again for sharing!! 

Am so happy you like it, Miachel ! Thanks so much for your kind words <3!!!