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I made RI transfers fo the circles that are on top of the iced cookies. I attached a photo. 

To make the music notes I used a silicone mold and fondant that once completely dry I painted with gold luster dust.

It is quite difficult to bake and pipe a perfect circle!! 

I attached another photo of the same cookies as I could not decide which I liked better!! 


Images (2)
  • Royal icing transfers: Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #27
  • Another photo of the same cookies: Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #27
Bakerloo Station posted:

Difficult as they may have been, these are some pretty impressive circles! I am extra impressed that you attempted circular royal icing transfers!  This is a delightful set of cookies, and you did an incredible job hand-painting all of those music staffs and notes.  Terrific entry!  

Thank you very very much Bakerloo for your coment. I has made my day!! Ha ha ha

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