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Three things made me make β€œLittle Mermaids”. 

  Tutorial by @Aproned Artist

  Her tutorial is here:  https://cookieconnection.julia...roned-artist-mermaid

  Very hot weather that made me to think β€œcold water”

  Then Hans Christian Andersen, I am just reading his fables and fairy tales


When I was a child, I read β€œLittle Mermaid” but I did not think that’s so sad but it is a sad story. 

Here are my mermaids.





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Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:
Aproned Artist posted:

So pretty, Ryoko!

Hi Samantha @Aproned Artist   Thank you 

I have just added the link to your tutorial.  Somehow it did not work at first, does the link work now?  

Yes, I see the link and it’s working fine. Thanks for the mention. It’s so exciting and rewarding to see that you were inspired by the tutorial. Your mermaids are fabulous!

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