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Mini Goldfish Pond by Icingsugarkeks
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37

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As a recipe for the cookie I have chosen butter cookies dough with cocoa. I rolled out, cut out and placed the part for the "pond" upside down on a cake pops sheet so that it gets the domed shape. Due to the curvature unfortunately large cracks developed inside, which did not look so nice with the small cookies at the end ... The pond only has a diameter of 5 cm! Inside it is laid out with "fondant pebbles" and filled with isomalt. I used a mold for the leaves on the edge. The small lily pads and the mini fishes are painted.

Oh I just love this Gabi @Icingsugarkeks!! What fine detailed work my dear cookie friend. The little pond with fondant pebbles is adorable. What a great idea for molding the cookie into the right shape!! You are always very clever my dear ❀️❀️. Do you have any challenges when working with isomalt? Discoloring over time? I've had that problem before. I know that moisture of any kind is the enemy of isomalt so try to make sure to keep it in a dry environment until it's sealed.

Are the little fish and lily pods made from fondant that you painted? You did an awesome job...

Oh Carol, thank you so very much as always !!! 😘❀️😘
Isomalt - a topic of its own ... I only take it when it can not be otherwise or when I need one of the negative qualities! For example, a caramelize for autumn isomalt leaves!
Here it is currently wet and cold and in our apartment with aquariums I have anyway the whole year to fight to bring the humidity below 50% ... And so does my isomalt just what it does best, it will run out sometime ... But I've learned to deal with it, or use these actual disadvantages to my advantage! My next project will show that ...
The mini fishes and the lily pads are drawn to the isomalt !! Yeah, the Isomalt reacts immediately ...! I had arranged everything so far and painted at the end first, then immediately photographed!
But I have to say, I currently have a bad white color!  It is practically very bad dry !!! But I needed the primer to have the contrast to the dark underground. @Cookies Fantastique