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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #30

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The past few months I haven’t been able to do but a couple of cookies. During that time I played a lot with an app called Mirrograph 2, though. This is a cookiefied version of one of the many Mirrograph mandalas I made. Below I will post a few progression pics. The first one is the original Mirrograph pic, and the second one a rendition with Inkscape, a vector program. The rest are pics of the piping and filling progression with Isomalt.




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Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

Hi Sonja.  I knew you were going to make something very beautiful and perfect.  I was looking forward to your entry.    This is more than I imagined.    I wish I could see it in my hand.  💕💕💕💕💕

Hi Ryoko, and I just admired your isomalt ice block . It looks so real! Thanks so much for your kind words 😘❤️. It felt good, finally to do cookies again. 

Manu posted:

Wow, Sonja! Thanks for sharing the passages... so inspired!

Thank you so much, Manu 😘! I really enjoyed making this one, although it took me a while to get back into it. Forgot how finicky Isomalt can be. And the filling of tiny openings with RI, oh my! It'll take practice again...

GinkgoWerkstatt posted:

After doing a few isomalt cookie I admire your isomalt skills even more! Just another great/fantastic/awesome work from you!! ♥ ♥

Thanks so much, Anne! Just went to look for your Isomalt work, and all of them are just great, especially that dragonfly ❤️! It takes a while to get used to working with isomalt, but it pays off ...

Julia M. Usher posted:

Pretty! So is it one big transfer - with inner part filled with isomalt and rest filled with icing? 

Thank you, Julia (also for improving my tagging!) ❣️

Yes, that's it...one big transfer, since I'm not good at piping exact patterns "freehand". And a Pico wouldn't do it either for so much detail. The cookie is only backing the outer, monochrome part (filled with icing only), leaving light to shine through the inner part (filled with both icing and Isomalt)

Thanks again!

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