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Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

Christine, You are amazing!!!!  I am not good at not only straight lines but also counting things.  I am sure if I try to make the same thing, my rose won't be rose and dots are going to be decreased gradually.    Great!

Well you can always be like me - make a bunch of mistakes so that by the third (or fourth) try you get it right!  @Ryoko ~Cookie Ave.

Love Cookies posted:

Wow, if I may ask, how long did it take you to create this gorgeous masterpiece? 

Thank you! And you can always ask - It took me about 3 days to pipe all of the dots (approx. 7000). I experimented by making this cookie a few different sizes (none of which looked good), so all together this actually took about two weeks - and a few tries - before I was happy enough to post something.  There is something to be said for persistence!  @Tarryn Meiring