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Summer Angels For Claire - Donation to Icing Smiles
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #23

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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #23 – Warm & Cool

I struggle with colors! I selected to go with cool colors and because I live in the northern hemisphere, my set is β€œsummer-themed.” Below is a pic of the colors I used in the β€œcool” spectrum. From this challenge, I learned that ivory is β€œwarm” color and could not be used in my set. So, I tinted white icing with pink to make the angels skin tone more pinkish. To highlight the pink skin tone, I also dusted the creases and shadows with pink petal dust.

I wanted to participate in this challenge because colors have always been difficult for me. I never put much thought into it- and I learned from competing for the first time at the NY Cake Show that color selection / cohesiveness is a factor in judge’s point system. (On a side note, I still do plan on contributing a summary on my first time competing in a sugar show once time allows).

Just when I thought I finally had time to participate in a PBP Challenge, I received the call from Icing Smiles to be a Sugar Angel! For those that aren’t familiar with the organization, it is a non-profit org that relies on volunteers to create custom treats (cookies, cakes, etc) to families impacted by critical illness of a child. It is truly a wonderful way to β€œBake a Difference.” My cookies are for 5 year old Claire and I was given permission to have creative freedom on the design. To keep with the Icing Smiles motto of sugar angels, I decided to create angels on the cookies. I wanted to be able to contribute both to Icing Smiles and participate in the challenge. So, I used the cool pastel colors for the hair to give them a magical almost fairy like appearance. I also used the same cool colors for the flowers (half of which are hand piped and the other half created using fondant and molds) to create a summery scene. Lastly, to give a more 3D effect, I used wafer paper for the angel wings and outlined it with silver.

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