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BS Baking

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October 17


Sacramento, CA


United States

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BS (Brown Sequard) is a rare spinal cord injury (SCI) that causes partial paralysis. I broke my neck in 3 places in a car accident causing me to develop Brown Sequard SCI.  After my accident, I had to overcome and learn to adapt to the nerve damage in my leg and my right hand. When I discovered cookie decorating, I instantly became obsessed and started to teach myself the art by reading countless blogs and watching tons of videos, THANKS YOUTUBE! Due to my injury, I've pegged my work as "BS Baking" and wish to be more involved in the cookie decorating world. I'd love to inspire other SCI patients by sharing tips and tricks of how I overcome my nerve damage on a daily basis!  

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Intelligence Analyst

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Discovering I could do cookie decorating with my injury