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Trying Cookie Decorating as New Hobby

I'm a 53 y/o single male and I'm recently retired due to a chronic heart problem and degenerative spinal condition resulting in full time dependency on a wheelchair. My family owned a small bakery when I was growing up and when I was around 12 y/o it was sold to a larger commercial bakery in which we all eventually worked in over the years. 

I have many wonderful memories of making a variety of baked goods with my family and, like many others, baking and decorating cookies with my mother and siblings was always a highlight of the holiday season. I find myself with limited energy/stamina, and in looking for a hobby to pick up, cookie decorating/art seems like a wonderful option. 

I'm very excited to find this community and even though I have yet to bake my first batch of cookies, I've learned so much from the posts, pictures, and videos. Thank you all for sharing your creativity and knowledge.

Happy Baking! 



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Making all sorts of Holiday cookies with my Mother and siblings

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