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Teresa - Sister Teresa's Coookies

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January 31


Oklahoma City, OK


United States

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No, I am not a nun (although my children claim that I am). I am a hobby cookie artist in Oklahoma City. I have been making sugar cookies with royal icing for over 25 years, however, only until a couple of years ago did I begin to expand my decorating beyond a splotch of icing and some sprinkles throw on. I spend many late nights and early mornings decorating cookies, not to mention the many hours spent dreaming, planning and shopping -- all centered around cookies.

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Go with the flow-think outside of the box

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Hobbyist Decorator

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Graphic Design/Administrative

Cookies For Sale, Yes or No?

Yes, only local though

Best Cookie Memory

Every time someone sees their cookies for the first time

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Most Time Spent On One Cookie

4 hours

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