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Ysabella's Treats

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Elyria, OH


United States

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A hobby baker, chef, and all around crafty person, I chose my display name in honor of one of my dogs, Ysabella LaMastina.  I hope to develop an amazing technique or two for decorating cookies of various dog breeds that will amaze and astound, so that in the future I can sell the cookies as a cottage baker and donate all proceeds to canine charities.  Please, if you have suggestions, techniques, or constructive criticism I would love to hear from you, but be nice!  :-)  I'm new at this, have a long way to go, but am dedicated to find ways to raise money for dogs in need. 

Wise Words To Chew On

I hope I'm half as good of a person as my dogs think I am.

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Hobbyist Decorator

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Freelance Editor

Cookies For Sale, Yes or No?

Not yet, but one day!

Best Cookie Memory

Finding my Mastiff's face covered in cookie dough and my 5 other dogs licking the dough off of her face. Guess I shouldn't have left the dough on the counter and left the room for a minute! But what a cute scene when I got back in the room!

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

Maybe 20.

Most Time Spent On One Cookie a beginner with lofty goals, I'd have to say an hour and a half. LOL