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3-D Wagon Cookie 2 | Manu
Made by Manu (Cookie Connection Tutorial September 2020, link in first comment)

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This is an intermediate version of my 3-D wagon cookie tutorial. I flooded and decorated the side with a stencil and an airbrush. I also added some SugarVeil® lace details to finish the sides. The design of the mat that I used was just perfect for the spokes. My signature mum cookies are lined up in the distance. The leaf cookies are also airbrushed.

Read all about my construction technique using paper straws here on Cookie Connection, “Made by Manu” tutorial, Sept 2020:


Such a clever idea for inside of the wheels! The whole thing is absolutely adorable!

Thank you, Sylvia @sylviawilson. Yes, it is just perfect, isn’t it?

For this one I decided to pipe the rings for the tires on acetate and then transfer them on the cookies. I wasn’t happy with the tires of the other wagon.

@LisaF posted:

This is so perfect Manu!  I love everything about it.  Thank you so much for sharing it with us along with the detailed how to.  ❤️

Thank you, Lisa @LisaF. As always I end up making some variations on the theme of my tutorials. I am learning to airbrush cookies.

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Oh, don't know what to amire first...colors are so in Autumn harmony and this lace touch is just perfect,love your cute wagon ,perfect work as always❤️

Thank you, Petra @Petra Florean. The challenge was to find the right shade for the lace to add some contrast and to keep all together. The mum cookies in the distance make a good job as well 🍁🍃🍂

So pretty! How did you go about flooding the wagon? It looks seamless, but I imagine it wasn’t easy.

Thank you Samantha @Aproned Artist. I flooded and airbrushed the wagon and then I assembled it. I mitered the edges as always and then, once the wagon was assembled, I just piped some icing on top of the seam and smoothed with a flat paintbrush (it is something I always like to do). I should have probably touched up the airbrushed design, but you know, I am always scared to ruin everything 😃😃😃

Oh I just love this creation dear Manu @Manu biscotti decorati!! I need to jump over and see your tutorial but I know already that it'll be wonderfully written with great attention to detail and beautiful pictures . The colored SugarVeil lace addition is a great touch for fall. Your leaves are so beautifully flooded and airbrushed. Just perfect!!

Many apologies for not being here much lately. My holiday season orders has already kicked off and I've been very busy indeed . A good thing, yes, but I miss everyone here so very much! I hope you are doing well my dear cookie friend ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...