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Winter Birds
Love this set I made from Sweet and Saucy class.

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It's me again! Yes, what a lovely first post! Welcome to the site!

Some posting tips for the future, to make your photos more searchable:
1) Be sure to give your images descriptive main titles (not the long string of numbers in your photo file name); I changed this one for you as an example, but you can edit it by selecting "Manage Clip" (and then "Edit Clip") to the right of the photo.
2) The "Cookie Connection Challenge Entry" clip set is only for photos that are being entered in our current challenge; I removed your photo from that clip set as I see no piped crochet on it, which is the subject of the current challenge.
3) Be sure to give your photos a few relevant clip sets and tags as described in this startup post that I recommend everyone read before posting. Again, I added a few for you as an example this time, but please try to catch this next time: https://cookieconnection.julia...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST

Thanks, and happy posting!

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