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We were on vacation in Lake Placid when the contest was posted. Gave me a great excuse to shop at the little boutique I'd been in the day before!  All of the Adirondack chairs were rubber stamped, and I used marbleing on the background for those, and to create the landscape in the central postcard.  For the Adirondack Park sign I cut a stencil for the lettering and applied it over the piped boards.  (I don't recommend this, flat surface please!)

I have pictures of the individual cookies on my Facebook page:

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this is one of the nicest sets Ive ever seen.  Its like a tourist pamphlet for Lake Placid.  Love all your soft colors and the middle cookie speaks for itself.  also the texture of wood logs on one.  Completes the whole set.Incredible.

The most helpful cookie skill I learned in Architecture School was pulling all-nighters! Everything else I am learning from all the great bloggers and forums in the cookie world. Now the gingerbread definitely helps with that!
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