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Baby Shower Crochet Set
Watch-Learn-Create Challenge #52

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This challenge is definitely one of my favorite. Never thought I would have enough patience to finish them but I did! I actually made 15 pieces! And a couple of friends of mine were pretty lucky to received them as a gift for their baby girl. Lol!

I learned that using piping tip is not as hard as I thought it would as I’m not really a big fan of using them. It’s been an interesting technique to learn, I honestly think I made some huge mistake when I was working on my first cookie because the lines looked so messy. I can’t see how it’s going to be a cool looking cookie like Evelin has, it was not until I added the top lines then they all make sense!

I was so proud, was like ‘I have made a crochet cookie!’😄😄

And they actually look so cute! Thank you for the chance to join this challenge. I sure enjoyed the learning experience.

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