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Baby Shower - Monkeying Around

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Heather Bruce Sosa posted:

And also, thanks for sharing your heart! I appreciate and learn so much from your humbleness and sincerity. 🥰

You are always beyond kind dear Heather ❤

Heather Bruce Sosa posted:

So cute!! Love the different expressions on those monkey’s faces!😄❤️

Thanks so much dear Heather @Heather Bruce Sosa!! I liked the different expressions, too, even though it took more time. I think it's the extra little details that my clients like the most.  ❤❤

Dolce Flo posted:

Fantastic set dear Carol...the monkey on the left is sooo sweet!!!

Oh thank you my dear friend for your kind words @Dolce Flo! You always make me smile with your comments ❤❤❤

Sweet Prodigy posted:

These are so adorable, Carol. I always love all of the detail work you put into your sets. Definitely worth a premium price. ❤️❤️

 Thank you dear Christine @Sweet Prodigy!! It means a lot that you've really looked at the detail in my work. Thank you for your kind comment ❤❤❤

Icingsugarkeks posted:

OMG!! Carol, that's are sooooo super cute baby cookie set!! Really great my cookie friend!!! Love it!!! 😘❤️  @Cookies Fantastique

You are always so very kind dear Gabi @Icingsugarkeks!! Your comments always put a smile on my face. Thank you my dear cookie friend ❤❤❤. Hugs...

Julia M. Usher posted:

So sweet, Carol, and I love how seamlessly you integrated that stencil!

Yes, while (if) you have a lull, take some time to nail down your labor standards (time spent doing various activities) - they will help you figure out more profitable pricing on custom jobs. Crucial to do, or soon you'll be resenting working for pennies (I know - I've been there, and still sometimes go there!)

Thank you for your words of experience Julia @Julia M. Usher ! Yes, I definitely need to look at everything seriously once I'm caught up on orders. Working for pennies is right on the mark in my experience.  It's too time consuming to design and decorate custom cookies and then end up with so little $ to show for it. .  I love hard work but am not currently satisfied with the minimal return on that work while trying to run a small business. Thanks for all your support ❤