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brick effect
transfer with silicone baking paper

Technique TUTORIAL
brick/concrete, crumpled paper, mortar, etc.

See also the technique: A Secret Place

mortar effect

plaster effect
very frothy royal icing - scraped with knife after drying

marble effect
transfer with clear PVC binder cover


Images (6)
  • Build Up!: brick effect
  • Build Up!: brick effect
  • Build Up!: mortar effect
  • Build Up!: plaster effect
  • Build Up!: marble effect
  • Build Up!: marble effect
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Icingsugarkeks posted:

Oh WOW!!!! Timea, How you do that? The cookies look so real !!! Simply great!!! and beautifully staged! ❤️😘 @PUDING FARM

You are so kind, dear Gabi @Icingsugarkeks! Thank you very much for your lovely comment! 🧡

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