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Bullet Journal Cookies

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🌸 Hello March! 🌸

Bullet Journal cookies:

- washi tapes: handpainted wafer paper
- stamps: icing piped decors on bare cookies
- notebooks and pencils: wet on wet cookies

All props are wafer paper sakura flowers and little cookies all around.

You make wet-on-wet look so amazing! Fantastic work!

Hi Christine, I am so glad you like my wet on wet cookies, it is definitely not my fave technique. There is never enough time to add details on details as I would love to, icing gets immediately crusty. Probably adding so much dark green color helped a lot 😂

@JoAnn T posted:

Wow - I've never seen such beautiful wet on wet cookies. Would love to learn how to do some of these techniques. I've never heard of wafer paper will need to learn more.

Dear @JoAnn T, wafer paper is very easy to be used, just like real paper you can cut and paint it. Wet on wet (I am not a master at it!) needs to be fast not precise indeed but it is always super fun to do 🥰

@BevH posted:

These are gorgeous!  Did you hand paint the details on the wafer paper or print them with edible images.  And the pencils - WOW!  So much detail on a skinny cookie! Brava!

Dear @BevH, it is not difficult to hand paint on wafer paper, much easier than on iced cookies. Give it a try and you will see, just use food gel colors and a little bit of water if needed. Pencils are not so small, their size is 2cm x 13cm about 😘

@Sylvianne posted:

The nearly naked cookies with that green - very complementary colours between the dough and green. Really like that simplicity. Good job.

Dear @Sylvianne, I am so happy you appreciate that. In the beginning I thought to do black piped decors on cinnamon cookies but in the end (because I am lazy!) didn’t want to have another piping bag on the table so I decided to use the thick dark green icing  I already had. I also like that color match very much, doesn’t look like real ink on stamps but it is cute 😘

Always amazing with what breathtaking works of art you inspire us again and again, dear Evelin !!!Absolutely great!! @Evelindecora ❤️

Thank you Gabi for your precious support and love! Have a beautiful Sunday 🌸

So, so beautiful dear Evelin @Evelindecora!! The detail you consistently achieve using all techniques is amazing. Your work is gorgeous and I just love the flowers. I don't know how you can paint such intricate designs on wafer paper (and cookies). These are wonderful ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...