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Bunny in My Handbag
3-D Gingerbread Project

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For mentioned gingerbread project I use below cookie cutters


Handbag pieces first spread with icing after dried in owen and cool down stenciled  etched ,brushed -shading a bit ,after all pieces glued together with royal stiff royal icing,bottom on handbag brushed with red color ,then decorated with ready piped roses and leaves,on bug handle I glued beautiful piece ..gingerbread from mold and just lightly brushed with white color to get vintage look."As cherry on cake"waferpaper butterfly


I love blue color a lot so my bunny is unusual with light blue color and stenciled with royal icing ,on the end brushed with dark blue stenciled pard and edges,as eye I used isomalt blueberry from mold,on the top icing dot




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