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Cable Bridge
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #44: Stringwork

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I really wanted to try this technique and participate in this challenge as I have been busy and couldn't able to contribute for some time.  Didn't have time to practice enough hence couldn’t able to achieve what I really wanted.

I was really wondering how Christine makes such an amazing creations using this's magical. 💫
First I decided to make a 3D cable bridge as my entry. Though the aim was to make a 3D bridge due to rush some of the bridge parts were broken while baking. So I decided to convert it to a 2D bridge as I was running out of time.

I flooded the background sections using flood consistency RI.

Once it completely dried, I piped the bridge then the lines step by step by using medium consistency RI.

Cookie size 23 cm × 13 cm

Strings were broken many times. It was a bit difficult task for me. But I love this technique and hope to practice more and apply this technique to my cookies in the future.

Thank you so much Julia @Julia M. Usher and Christine @Sweet Prodigy for the wonderful challenge. ❤


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  • Bridge step 1
  • Bridge step 2

This is definitely out-of-the-box thinking! All of the lines make complete sense with regards to perspective, and your strings are layered in such perfect order. I can only imagine that there must have been some planning involved (and trial and error?). Also, I'm glad that you were able to participate in the challenge. This is such an excellent entry!

Ooooh dear Kanchana, I absolutely in Love with your Stringwork cookie!!!! It's really sooo great and a super idea to represent the cables of the bridge as stringwork !! I don't just imagine it, because you had to take into account the "intermediate parts" of the bridge, which cables must appear behind and which must appear in front! Really absolutely great Kanchana !! @Kanch J

I absolutely love your bridge dear Kanch @Kanch J !!! You did a fabulous job of creating this intricate intersection lines of a bridge for  your entry. Incredible my dear cookie friend ❤️ Hugs... I, too, love this technique!! I've been working on an entry for some time but had a foot injury and couldn't do anything for 2 weeks. So...I missed the deadline! Ugh. Such is life though. Fabulous work my dear friend

Kanchana, this is soooooo good!  I love your entry.  Who else could think about this design?  Wow!!!

Thank you so much Ryoko. ❤ @Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. I was stuck with many designs but finally concluded with this as all other ideas were taken already.🙂