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Calm Beach Water Cookie
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37

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Last minute entry. I got to play with the results, and couldn't decide  which picture to choose. I used high frutose corn syrup for the water.


Images (5)
  • Painting
  • Adding corn syrup
  • Very shallow water
  • Stormy day
  • Sunset light
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Julia M. Usher posted:

Glad you made it into the challenge! Nice job!

Wow, that was close! It was not my main project, but my week was pretty hard on me. The challenges make me grow, and even in a hurry, I learned a little more. That is my main goal, regardless of the results. Thank you, Julia!


This reminds me of the beaches of Lake Michigan when the water begins to freeze and the water is still able to break through the thin ice near the shore. So, when you say you used corn syrup, did you heat it, or use it as is? Did it dry hard, or was this still tacky? I really like how the painted water royal icing shows through the corn syrup layer - those swirls of different shades of blues, greens and whites are very realistic. I am glad you were able to get this entry done in time, it is a great addition to the challenge!

Such a great idea Elke @Elke Hoelzle!! I love the greenish color as water often appears green rather than blue. Very creative work especially with the texture of the water and the waves!! Beautifully done, as always my dear ❤️

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