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Cookies Designed to Coordinate with Invite
Rainbow and Sunshine Baby Shower Cookies designed to coordinate with Invite

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Artwork for the Invite is from:

First large order of Q(50) so I was experimenting some with different options that didn't take the design too far from the Invite graphic.  The watercolor effect in the Invite stumped me at first; and I just settled on overpainting with thinned brown food coloring.  The three chocolate cookies on the left do not have any overpainting.

Seems to me that 50 of the same thing is a bit redundant(!) - I took advantage of the fact that this was a freebee for family when I let myself try some options.

These are so very pretty dear EAC @EAC. I've looked at so many of these rainbow designed cookies and wanted to try my hand at making a set.  You did a wonderful job ❤️ Hugs...

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and encouraging words with my recent creative workings and publishing to the site!

I am attaching another picture that may better show the effect of the metallic lusture applied with a dusting brush to the embossing folder prior to being pressed on to a glaze flood after an approximate 4-hour set (I also tried cornstarch but thought the metallic might add a nice additional dimension to the texture rather than just the dulling finish that cornstarch adds). Also adding a picture of the tools I used for these cookies (I made my own stencil to be able to reproduce the outline of the bottom of the rainbow).

Inspiration to use (a card making) embossing folder in this manner comes from Pam Sneed's blog posting: Pam's instructions include giving glaze icing 4 hours to dry before going to make an impression, and dusting and/or painting after the embossed cookies have fully dried.

I learned of Pam's work with glaze icing through mentions by Cameo of CR Confections: where I learned about how to work with glaze icing decorating.

The cookie world is so big and overwhelming, and credit is due to those who have obviously put in their due diligence and time to help all of us newbees that have come along (possibly many) years after the glory of those whose heyday in the cookie world has evolved into their next life steps. God's blessings to them and their families, indeed!


Images (2)
  • Post-painted Rainbow (and embossed Sunshine) Cookies: Better visual of metallic effect on Sunshine from dusting embossing tool
  • Tools used with Rainbow and Sunshine Cookies: Visual of tools supporing design detail
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