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ImageChristmas CookiesXX - Christmas Countdown Contest: Days 22 - 25

Day 24 - Busy Christmas Eve Elf ~ ©The Cookie Connoisseur/Whisked Away Cookies

Day 24 - Busy Christmas Eve Elf ~ ©The Cookie Connoisseur/Whisked Away Cookies
I hope that it is not too late, but here is my Busy Christmas Eve elf, happily all done with his hard work wrapping presents and ready for Santa to load them on his sleigh.

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Thanks so much, ClassicCookies by Parr! This is actually the Christmas tree cutter designed by Cookie Crazie, but using it as a cake cutter would be fun!  I hadn't seen to put presents on an actual cake cutter when I did this last year, but now I want to get one to make larger presents! Thanks for the thought!


Thanks, Tina! I really appreciate that!

Oh, thank you, Trilogy Edibles, Delightful Bitefuls and Mily!  There are so many incredible cookies to see and I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment on my elf cookie! Have a lovely holiday season and thanks again!


Did you make the cake first and the elf and the top presents separately on a waxed paper then stick them on or is it one piece? It has allot of depth. Humor me, I am not an expert with RI. But that is what I would have done with fondant and I would love to try this with fondant, if that is ok with you. T


Hi Tina! I would love to see your different version as it is fun to see what other people come up with when inspired by something they see !  I did my elf separately as an RI transfer just as you spoke of.  Separate from that, I piped my presents.  When the elf was dry I 'glued' him on top of the presents and into place. I just love RI transfers as they really help speed up the process when it comes time to actual 'cookieing'.  I hope that helps!