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A Video by Manu

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Sometimes we look at something and we get an idea or we just get inspired. I tried to express this feeling here and frame that moment of daydreaming. The video begins with a snowflake falling and it ends with the same snowflakes that keeps falling. The interruption in the middle (the icing decoration that keeps growing and developing) represents the sparkle or the inspiration, the idea that is quickly blossoming and developing in a moment that seems to last forever.

This cookie platter is a variation of my “One Cookie Shape for Many Snowflakes”, my December tutorial on Cookie Connection (2019). I designed the kite cookie in a way that it can be rotated to get many different cookie compositions. 


This video is different from the previous one, because here I didn’t play with the different shapes, but instead I played with the decorations, the optical effect of the decoration taking shape. If it only was so easy as it looks in the video: just touching the cookie with the pastry bag and it automatically gets decorated. It took a while to decorate while taking all the pictures and to edit the video, but it was just another way to express creativity while having fun. I lost concentration and moved a cookie, but it doesn’t matter. Here I also added some snowflake cookies cut out with a snowflake cutter that I had already purchased.

Embossed and Decorated Snowflake Cookie

Embossed and Decorated Snowflake Cookie

Moreover this little mistake led to the second half of the video, where all the icing is removed and the naked cookies are left only with the embossed decoration.

Different Way ti Arrange the Same Kite Cookie
This year embossing rolling pins are very popular and are becoming a trend, but I embossed the cookie dough with the @SugarVeil Lace Mat instead. Once I baked the cookies and let them cool down, I filled the design with icing accents. For this technique I got inspired by@JuliaMUsher. She has been using this embossing technique since 2015. You’ll find many videos featuring this technique on her YouTube channel and here is the link to the one related to Christmas Ornaments


Images (4)
  • Different Way ti Arrange the Same Kite Cookie: Cookie, Design and Photo by Manu
  • Embossed and Decorated Snowflake Cookie: Cookie, Design and Photo by Manu
  • Embossed and Decorated Snowflake Cookie: Cookie, Design and Photo by Manu
  • One Cookie Shape for Many Snowflakes - Beginner  Tutorial: Made by Manu - Tutorial on Cookie Connection
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Wonderful creativity Manu  @Manu biscotti decorati! I'm so impressed with how you've put everything together with 2 design options.  You've put so much time and thought into this beautiful project. I can't imagine how long it must have taken you to photograph every step along the way. Doing this has created a fabulous video. Love it ❤❤❤.

Thank you so much for all your hard work to show us the process... you are a dear 🤗

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