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Fathers' Day Grill Master Cookies
What says "summer" more than a set of grillin' cookies?

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@4 The Love of Cookies Hi, this is a gorgeous set, but as you know, our challenges require that a brand new set of cookies be made for each challenge that follow the specific rules of the challenge. If you just decorated these cookies this morning (I just announced this challenge at 3 am this morning), then they'd qualify. But my guess is this was a preexisting set, in which case, we sadly need to disqualify it. Please clarify when you made these cookies, and, if they were an earlier set, then there's still plenty of time to create anew for this challenge, and we sure hope you do.  Thanks!

Please see the challenge "Rules" section for all the rules, and also my first comment under that post about why we have the "brand new set" rule. Thanks again!

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4 The Love of Cookies posted:

I just finished them Friday. ☹️

So sorry, but to be fair to others, I do need to remove them from the challenge. But they will stay in all the other clip sets you selected and I am sure will draw great attention on the site. They are wonderful!

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