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Folk Art Vikings | Bakerloo Station

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This special set was for my parent's wedding anniversary. Their love story started over 52 years ago with a fortune teller from Rockaway and a viking. Serious. My only brother is even named after Erik the Red!

The viking figures are based on original art by Zigi Designs. Used with permission.

Possibly the most adorable vikings I have ever seen! One of my favorite themes is folk art- I love the entire set! And thank you for the personal background on the story- very touching 

This set is very cute and the combination of pretty colors makes me happy and smile💖  whmmmm, I am curious about the fortune teller...  🤔 I am going to google Erik the Red!  

Hi @Bakeloostation I’ve been inspired by your style here, not just the adorable Vikings, but your cutter shapes. Do you mind telling me from whence they came? I really like the wonky hearts and the individual flower shapes too. TY! Nancy

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