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Girl and the Sea
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #42

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As person who love sea,couldn't miss this create shades of the sea with help of colored isomalt gradually step by step to fullfill my gingerbread frame.Girl was made separately piece by piece of fondant and between of some black tiny line to tone it more ,photo added below

One leg covered by wave created from translucent rice paper and on the top I colored the edge white color with brush to give a feeling of sea foam,whole frame standing on isomalt sea wanted to give sea impression everywhere like  is continues and the frame is one with ocean❀️I hope that I manage it well and you will like this creation

What I learned is when you want make lines of different colors of isomalt and you don't want to alloy to mix them between...wait to each line cool down and after slowly handle another line


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Wow Petra, mother beauty you have excelled in!! So many techniques to create depth and movement. The girl is amazing too, especially by the way you made her. You keep presenting outstanding entries, each one is so original and beautiful. Congratulations!β™₯️

So much grateful everytime for such beautiful words.1000 Thanks dear Heather for all comments you always writing me❀️❀️❀️

Lovely! How and with what is the girl made? Some parts look like royal icing, others like fondant . . . would love to know! Excellent - my favorite of yours so far, but you've shown us a lot of variation and depth!

Thank you very much dear Julia, appreciate your comment, I already add photo how I created fondant girl from small pieces opened with rolling pin & between some tiny black fondant line❀️No royal icing in this creation

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Ooooh Petra, what a artwork!!! I love the shiny waves and the not shiny girl as a great contrast! Especially I like the waves that come out of the picture!! Great!! @Petra Florean  ❀️😘

Thank you very much dear Gabi,just opened cookieconnection site and I'm so happy to see that I'm spotlighted again & with mentioned creation❀️❀️

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