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How to Prepare a Needlepoint Grid with the SugarVeil® “Needlepoint Mat” |Video by Manu

A short video showcasing the original Needlepoint Mat by SugarVeil®, and all my projects

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In this video I am showing how to prepare a needlepoint grid using the original @SugarVeil “Needlepoint Mat” and a small amount of SugarVeil icing. It takes 4 min to beat the icing, which is ready to use. I spreaded the icing on the mat while preheating the oven (200°F/93ºC) and the grid took 4 min to set. The needlepoint lace grid could be also air-dried.

 I made this video (I mean the first version in Italian) to show a cookie friend the main steps of the preparation of the needlepoint grid for decorating needlepoint and cross stitch cookies. I added some notes to the pictures, I attached the slideshow of all my cookies decorated with the needlepoint grid... and I ended up with a video.

I used the SugarVeil Needlepoint Mat to make the needlepoint lace grid. The use of the mat eliminates the task of piping the grid by hand.

Michele Hester (SugarVeil) and Julia M. Usher co-designed the Needlepoint Mat in 2016.
Such a beautiful collaboration between women!

I learned about it by watching Julia M. Usher’s video on You Tube and I was inspired to use it for my cookie projects.
The links to her videos:

This is the link to Michele Hester’s video where she shows in detail and gives precious tips on how to use her product (although on a different mat):

And if you made it to read all the way down here, this is the link to my tutorial here on Cookie Connection (Apr 2017): how to decorate an embroidery hoop cookie using the needlepoint grid 










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Julia M. Usher posted:

Great video! Michele is a creative genius, and has been such a pleasure to work with.

Thank you, @Julia M. Usher. Yes, that grid is truly genius, and your cookie projects so inspiring!

pip posted:

Great video Manu, very professional. 

Oh, thank you, @pip! That’s a compliment! I didn’t even mean to make a video but just to take a few pictures of the projects😊😊😊 Two years of writing tutorials on Cookie Connection have been a good school for sure!

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