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Learn to Make Lemonade
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39

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If from the sky fall lemon, learn to do lemonade….a Salsa Song lyric, that represent the way to let life flow…. In this time of quarantine is essencial that we keep our mind positive and face life with faith.  Pleas be safe, stay home.


This cookies has been made with several media and technique.

1. Covered lemons with stiff royal icing for achieving texture

2. Used of Isomalt to create splash of lemon juice

3. Airbrush Lemon and petal dust to enhance lemons 

4. Use of wafer paper to do foliage and lemon blossom


I loved doing this piece, it was on mind mind for a long time, but i did not have the oportunity to execute it.  I was a great challenge stuck the tree lemons together, next time i will not let the royal icing dries and then put it together, I will rather place them while royal icing still soft.




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How fabulously creative dear Andrea @Andrea Costoya!! Your gravity defying work is wonderful to look at and try to figure out how you did it . Thank you for the complete explanation of your process...pure genius! Love how you created your lemons and the use of wafer paper for the leaves is perfect! Is it difficult to work with the isomalt so that you have enough time to make changes with the ball tool? It dries so quickly. You have to work fast. It's magnificent cookie art my dear ❤️❤️

This is a fantastic entry. Your step-by-step instructions with photos are perfect, yet still I have to study this to make sure that it is a cookie! From the details of your lemons with their wonderful texture and convincing leaves to the "splash" of juice flowing down - all show the thought and planning that went into creating this fabulous piece of sugar art.

Evelindecora posted:

Stunning!!! 🌸🍋🌸

Thank a lot...❤️