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Happy New Year 2022 to all members to all cookie friends❤️I did a new experiment

The fabric waferpaper sheet I tried already 2 years ago but this lace...I was very curious how can be created.So cut 2 sheet of wafer paper to small pieces & add 110ml warm water,let for 10 min to relax,after put the mixture in blender and mix well ,you must have a smooth mixture.Preheet a non-stick pan and after put everytime just small portion on the pan,share nicely and let to dry ,take out carefuly with silicone spatula,the end:if you want to get flexi result put 1:1 water and alcohol but will not stay for very long flexi,otherwise use 2:1 water with glycerin.Yu can try to do the lace also with rice paper for spring rollsIMG_3582 [2)IMG_3579 [2)IMG_3577 [2)


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Oh dear Petra, I love this idea!! Thanks for the instructions. Looks very fascinating!! Great my dear cookie friend!  @Petra Florean ❤️

You are welcome 😘Glad you like it Gabi❤️❤️❤️

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Very creative. Thank you for experimenting and explaining the process. You always create the best textures. ❤️

Thank you dear Christine ❤️ Your comment means a lot to me. I'm a person which can't stop anything especially when I want to get some results and due experimenting is not enough good,or is not working.This one I try 3 times and no success,but the 4th❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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