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My Autumn - Pumpkin on Isomalt
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #42

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@Edyta Kołodziej This is a great entry. Please tell us a bit about it. What techniques and media did you use? What was your inspiration

The inspiration grew in my vegetable garden.
Two molds were needed.
I used a very thick icing. After making the line with a spatula, the edges did not meet. I made 3 colors: brown, cinnamon and white. I spread the spatula on the gingerbread and made an imitation board.
Then I sprinkled with ground green cookie. When the frosting was dry, I poured isomalt into the hole. When it cooled down I started painting pumpkins. I used dyes for the airbrush. Green, orange, yellow, ivory, red, blue lagoon. Then I made the pumpkin outline with black frosting. The leaves are made of a silicone mold. I painted with airbrush dyes.



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Simply stunning! I love the elaborate, textured frame with the 2D fondant molded leaves painted in fall colors . Your isomalt stained glass pumpkin is incredibly well done!! I know it can be so challenging to work with isomalt but you did an awesome job @Edyta Kołodziej. Your garden pumpkins look amazing! How fun to have lots of pumpkins around you for Halloween. What a great idea to use green cookie crumbs for your "moss". I doesn't stain your mouth green when you eat it like dyed graham cracker crumbs can. LOL. Awesome work my dear ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

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