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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39

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Hi! This is my first post and Challenge! I had so much fun making these Nachos.

The dish is a contoured cookie flooded with royal icing. The Nachos, tomatoes, jalapeños, ground beef, beans and grated cheese are all royal icing transfers. The details on the Nachos and ground beef are painted. The guacamole and sour cream are medium consistency royal icing.

The liquid food item is the sour cream and the limes are made with fondant.

I am most proud of the details on the Nachos. I learned a lot from painting the details. Watching how adding every component to the dish makes it resemble real food was the best part.

Next time I might make it a bit larger; working with the tiny components was definitely an additional challenge but I'm definitely happy with the result. The photo in comments gives a better view of the size.



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That is certainly a lot of detail packed into one (cookie) bowl. Your hand painted nachos and ground beef add so much realism.  I love how each little royal icing transfer is detailed and distinct from the others. I also really like how you have layered everything and topped it off with the perfect consistency guacamole and sour cream.