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Set of Four Succulents

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Set of 4 succulents

Our big son loves plants more than anything, so this year I decided to bake him "plants" for his birthday that he doesn't have to water...
This is the first set. They are quite small cookies, just the size of a small rose blossom.
The cookies are decorated with fondant marzipan and painted.
(They look a bit clumsy in the picture because the cookies are shown larger in the picture than they actually are)

Here the cactus again individually:



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  • cactus cookie: icingsugarkeks

I love suculents, but even more your gorgeous cookies, dear Gabi!!♥️

Awwww... My dear, dear Heather, Thank you so very much my friend!! ❤️😘❤️       You makes me happy! You are so full of kindness Heather!  @Heather Bruce Sosa

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