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Lovely, as always. How did you do the black detailing on the feathers - painted, drawn, also wet on wet?!

Thank you, Julia! The feathers were wet on wet, and then added black lines with a fine paint brush.

WOW! This colors, this accurate font, this cookies at all... sooo gorgeous work dear @mintlemonade (cookie crumbs)  ❤️😘

Thank you so much! I traced printed letter using parchment paper and a scriber, then piped. My freehand writing is terrible!!

@CHIKAKO.F posted:


どこを見ても完璧です! 私も羽根の部分、気になります^^

ありがとうございます💜 羽根はwet on wetのあと細い筆で黒い線を足しています。私は筆で描くのが苦手なのですが、リバティっぽいお花柄などよりは圧倒的に簡単にできました! あと、黒い線はWiltonのブラックだと緑がかってしまうので、CKか竹炭がおすすめです~