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A Video and Stencils by Julia M Usher

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NEW VIDEO ALERT: My "Vintage Bon Voyage" Prettier Plaques Stenciled Cookie! Learn how to make royal icing shards and three different wafer paper embellishments, as well as two different "antiquing" techniques! TIA for sharing!

For the full video tutorial, visit:
For my "Vintage Bon Voyage" 5-piece stencil set:
For all of my stencils:

P.S. Sorry for the stained nails and hands in this video. I had a food coloring spill mid-shoot, and, as much as I washed and washed, I could not get it off. I resist wearing nail polish to cover things like this, because I think it sends the wrong message in food videos - it's less sanitary to have it on than off (it chips off, you can't see what's really under your nails, etc.). Anywho, I looked and looked for a body double after the spill, but could not find one and, with video an expensive video producer waiting on me, the show had to go on! 

I only point this out, because someone already critiqued my lack of cleanliness, and I thought my less-than-stellar looking hands deserved some defense! 

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Julia, thank you SO much for all the great tips you provided on aging techniques for a more vintage look!! I absolutely love all of the options you showed as I wouldn't have thought about trying these ideas but they look awesome. Love it ♥♥. Thanks again...

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