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Wedding Favor
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #47

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These were a fun project and my most difficult part was deciding how much work to put into one cookie so that it met a mid-range price. I don't sell cookies so I was really out of my element in that respect. I do love how these turned out though.

I started with a square cookie that I filed to get straight edges. I also baked large flowers in molds knowing I wanted 5o include them in the decoration.

I white washed the base and flower, stenciled the words in royalicing, then flooded the frames. Allowed to dry overnight while I made white chocolate molded roses and royalicing transfers.

Day two I arranged, assembled, and added greenery to the cookies.


The box was a little tricky. I have sheets of acetate and decided to make my own for this project. I wanted the box to be completely clear and not cover any part of the design. Being stationed in Korea I wasn't able to find ribbon I liked but would have opted for maybe a silk tie or lace ribbon instead of these.


Side view packaging

Overall, I enjoyed this challenge very much.


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  • Mr. & Mrs.
  • Packaged Wedding Favor
  • Side view packaging
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I'm glad you had fun making these wedding favors. The molded cookies really add some great visual interest, and the white chocolate roses are a nice addition of flavor. I also like how the formal gold-highlighted roses contrast so nicely against the more rustic look of the whitewashed background. And the clear packaging really lets the cookie take center stage and makes it look like a beautiful keepsake cookie.

This is so beautiful and festive dear Kyra. Love the idea with the frame and I love the gold effect!! (Pst: I like it when it glitters ...! ) Really great work! @Kyra Manthe

I so know what you mean. I was like "just a little dab of gold" and then a little more and a little more. I had to tell myself out loud to stop! 😆🥰

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