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I used crushed candies for the windows on this cookie. I've never used isomalt, and was a little scared to try. Jolly Ranchers were easy to crush in my Vitamix, and I melted them in a silicone baking cup in my oven, as it warmed up to 350. It didn't take long for the candies to melt, but I found that I had to work pretty quick to fill up the window spaces. I was worried the candies would spread out on the underside of the cookie, but that did not happen. It filled up the space perfectly and set pretty quickly!

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Butter + Sugar posted:

Thank you for your helpful hints! You’ve totally inspired me to try this! I looove that you decorated both sides!

It really was so much easier than expected! Just be careful not to burn yourself. I can't wait to try this again- I can now think of so many fun ways to use this. It was such an accessible medium to use, and really not much more effort than adding a few addition  royal icing details. 

Bakerloo Station posted:

Melted candies are a great way to start working with clear sugar! I don't know how big your cookie and those windows are, but it definitely can be tricky filling large spaces with melted candies as to do tend to start to cool and solidify quickly. This is perfect for the season and a great addition to the challenge!

Thank you! The cookie itself is about 7" tall. I think the windows are around 2" tall by 1.5" wide. You're right...I really had to work fast to fill in the spaces before it started hardening. 

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