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SITE SUGGESTION: How Interested Are You in a "How Would You Cookie This?" Feature?

Hi everyone! After reading the post, found here... http://cookieconnection.juliau...7#382133920920726737

and seeing the wonderful tutorial, I thought this would be a great feature to add to Cookie Connection. My thoughts are, Cookie Connection members could send in cookie design ideas, have Julia choose her favorite design and have an appointed cookie artist, such as Kari of Dear Yankee Girl, for example, apply the chosen design to a cookie, along with a tutorial. Any ideas of how to improve on this feature, please share your thoughts.


[EDITOR'S NOTE]: Please let us know your interest in such an idea by voting in the poll below and leaving a comment here. Specifically the question is: How interested would you be in seeing a "How Would You Cookie This?" feature on Cookie Connection, either as a separate feature or as something that Dear Yankee Girl regularly addresses?


Thanks everyone!   

Yes, I'd love to see it as a completely new and separate feature.
Yes, I would love to see Dear Yankee Girl do more posts of this type.
Don't have strong feelings one way or the other.
No, I'd rather see more features that are not tutorials on the site.
No, I think there are already enough features of all types on the site.
Other (please elaborate in comments)
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UPDATE: This feature was implemented as part of our Dear Yankee Girl blog feature, written by Kari Arroyo. If you ever want to see something cookie-d, just send your suggestion to Kari (Yankee Girl Yummies) and she will try to work the idea into a future post.



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