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Watch-Learn-Create Challenge Tutorial Survey

It's hard to believe that we've already conducted three of our new Watch-Learn-Create Challenges. Thanks again to Manu for spearheading this effort and to our esteemed guests Laura Saporiti and Evelin Milanesi who made master class-level videos (each 1 to 2 hours long) to kick off each challenge. I personally love the new video format, and I believe members (and non-members) do too, as the videos have gotten a healthy number of views.

That being said, the cost and time involved in producing these videos are quite high, so I am contemplating charging a nominal fee for future challenge videos that would be shared amongst the guest, the host, and Cookie Connection admin (that's me!) to compensate people for their time and to cover my hard costs of hosting these videos on a secure platform and administering payments to the host and guests. The survey below is intended to gauge how much you'd be willing to pay for these videos and your likelihood to watch them, and, in turn, create a challenge entry. We'd like to gather suggestions for how to improve this new format as well. This input will be used to determine how we move forward with future challenges and what systems I can justify investing in to support them.

Challenge Background: If you're not familiar with our Watch-Learn-Create challenges, I still want you to take the survey! But please read this paragraph and explore the link in it before you do so you have an idea of how the challenges currently work. In short, these challenges typically start with a featured guest teaching a video lesson on a technique for which they are well known. The video is moderated and produced by Manu. The video is then "aired" on the Cookie Connection blog (currently for free), where people are then presented with a simple decorating challenge based on the video. People are given a number of weeks to complete entries (completely at their discretion), which they then upload to Cookie Connection. A winner is randomly drawn from among all entrants to receive a prize at the end of the challenge. As people are completing entries, the featured guest is available to answer questions on the Cookie Connection blog. The goal with each of these challenges is to provide the very highest quality instruction to help Cookie Connection members and non-members stretch their decorating skills. To learn more about the new challenge format, please read this post.

Also, before taking this survey, please refresh yourself with the content and quality of our first three video lessons. Our intention is to maintain this quality going forward. The videos can be found toward the middle of each of the following blog posts:

Again, please answer this survey even if you've never heard of or entered our new Watch-Learn-Create challenges. Individual survey responses will be kept anonymous, and all results will be visible to site administrators only. I would appreciate responses no later than May 10 (ideally sooner), so I can use them to guide our challenges as soon as possible.

(1) Fill-in-the-blank answers are limited to 255 characters, but please be as specific/detailed as possible in this space.

(2) If a question does not apply to you, DO NOT skip it; instead, write "N/A" for "not applicable". You must answer all questions, or your responses will not be saved by the system.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Q1: How many of the videos in the last three challenges (#51, #52, and #53) did you watch prior to seeing this survey?

Again, please count the two-part video in Challenge #51 as one video. Also, if you watched any part of a video, count it as one watch. But if you watched these videos for the first time as a result of seeing this survey, do not count those views here. We are only interested in knowing if you watched these videos, or a part of any of them, around the time of each challenge.

Q2: For how many of the past three challenges (#51, #52, and #53) did you submit an entry (or entries) based on the video?

Q3: If you didn't watch any of the three videos for the last three challenges, why not? Please be specific.

Note: If you did watch one or more of the last three challenge videos, write "N/A".

Q4: If you didn't submit an entry to any of the last three challenges, why not?

Note: If you did enter one or more of the last three challenges, write "N/A".

Q5: If we were to charge to view future challenge tutorials, how much would you be willing to pay for unlimited viewing access and a handout to accompany the tutorial?

Note: Please be sure to review the videos under the challenge links in the main survey post above BEFORE answering this question. Our aim is to preserve the level of quality in these videos. (Dollars are in USD.)

Q6: If we charged the price you indicated above for future tutorial videos, how likely would you be to buy and watch them?

Note: Again, assume that we will be securing instructors of the same caliber as we have in the past, and that the level of instruction will be very similar.

Q7: What, if anything, can we do to ensure your participation in future challenges? What would make them more appealing to you? Please be specific.

Note: By "participation", we mean both watching the challenge video and submitting an entry (or entries). Again, write "N/A" if nothing comes to mind, but do not leave your answer blank.

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